Drop Tile Ceilings: Installing Tiles on Office Ceilings

One of the most popular architecture designs these days is the drop ceiling. Also known as suspended ceiling and false ceiling, drop ceilings were traditionally used only for offices and commercial spaces. However, because of their numerous advantages, dropped ceilings are quickly becoming common in average homes as well. These days, it’s fairly common to come across houses that have drop ceilings suspended over their bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens.

  Drop ceilings

 Photo Credit: http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6162/6219531069_f93c8aaebc.jpg

A drop ceiling is made by hanging a secondary ceiling just below the primary ceiling of your space. Metal grids hung in an upside down “T” position are known as T Bars and the ceiling panels are held in place by these grids. Wires are attached from these T bars to the primary ceiling or any other kind of stable structure above it making them sturdy. Light weight materials are then used to decorate the ceiling and most of the time interior designers pick translucent materials to spruce up the overall décor of the room.

A drop ceiling requires minimal maintenance especially if the ceiling was constructing using high quality construction materials. There are so many ways to dress up a dropped ceiling so you are sure to find designs that suit the décor of your office. Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate the drop ceiling to your own office and why you should do so.

Tiles for Ceilings?

Most people think tiles are only for floors, countertops, and walls. However, glass tiles are so versatile they can also provide your ceilings with a unique appeal. They offer a wide array of options which range from simple and classic designs to elaborate and fancy designs which are designed for various functions.

One design idea would be picking translucent glass tiles and installing ceiling lights from inside the tiles to give the room a brighter and more vibrant feel. For limited spaces, you may go with mirror tiles for your drop ceiling which will not only create an illusion of a bigger area but it can also give the room a timeless appeal.

  Drop ceilings1

Photo Credit: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4118/4780855751_71df7aa0b0.jpg

Aside from the high glass tile ceiling, you may also choose from other available varieties or designs made of wood, plastic tin, and metal tin tiles. There also various styles such as plain flat, wavy, printed, embossed, and more.

There are several reasons why you should install a drop tile ceiling for your office. For one, you can conceal any flaws such as stains or blotches found on the primary ceiling. These could also cover any pipes, wirings, or air ducts which can be hard to do with conventional plastered ceilings. Moreover, you can easily make any changes you want to the drop ceiling by dismantling them and replacing them with whatever other tile design you want.

One of the biggest reasons for the increased demand of drop ceilings is that they minimize the risk of fire hazards. Tile manufacturers offer customized fire resistant ceiling tiles which are made of fire proof fibers.

Drop ceilings2

Photo Credit: http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6002/5914480910_7de0377597.jpg

Drop tile ceilings were originally designed for acoustic purposes. The sound attenuation batts positioned over the metal grids reduce any sound that emanates beyond the room, a helpful feature particularly for confidential meetings.

Roberta Madison believes that integrity is important to ensure one’s success. She is the marketing manager at glass tiles supplier GlassTileStore.com. Follow GlassTileStore.com on G+.


Fancy Schmancy - How to Find Art Pieces that Match your Decor

Finding art pieces to match your decor is not always an easy process. It requires a lot of consideration of colors, patterns, and styles to ensure that the art is continuous with the room. Art gives the room depth and dimension if it's chosen appropriately. Let's take a look at some of the options available for art.

Types of Art Available
Photographs, oil on canvas, chalk art, glazed art prints, stained glass art, and lithographs are the most common types of art chosen for rooms, but it's best to make sure that the art is relevant to its surroundings. For instance, a modern and art deco-themed room will mesh well with contemporary art. Glass art with vibrant colors, like Chihuly or abstract art from one of the greats, is an example of what some homeowners choose. These types of portraits can complement monotone color schemes in rooms. In order to determine what type of art will look best in your office or home, you need to evaluate what kinds of themes you find around the space, or at least in the rooms where the art will be.

Take a Fabric Swatch to the Art Store
Sometimes, when you're looking at a piece of art, you can't picture it in your office or home, so you aren't sure if it will look good. If you're looking for the perfect art piece to blend with your existing decor, take copious pictures of the room where the art will be placed and take a fabric swatch with you to the art store. This will help you find the style and type of art that will complement your existing decor. Obviously swatches of the wall colors will be most helpful, because in most cases, the art you buy will be mounted on the wall. However, you can also take swatches of the other furniture in the room so that you can tell if it will blend or clash with the rest of the décor.

Use Mats to Enhance Colors and Frames to Match Style
If you find a piece of art that blends with the existing decor, but doesn't seem to make the statement you'd like. Try adding a mat of a complementary color to the furniture that will also complement a color in the artwork. Mats and frames can make a difference in the way that colors are complemented. Another great thing about mat colors and your frames is that you can change them up every few years. As the years go on, you may still want a painting or photograph to stay on the wall, but it might have gotten boring from being there for so long. Adding a new frame or mat will transform the piece to make it look like new again.

Be Aware of the Size of the Piece
The art piece can be overwhelming if it's not the appropriate size. In general, the artwork should be placed six to nine inches above a sofa or other type of furniture. Proportion is the key to art placement. Experts recommend that a piece of artwork should cover two-thirds of the wall above a piece of the furniture. One or more pieces of art may used to accomplish this goal. While you want to use a piece of art in the room to add interest, you don't want it to be an overwhelming focal point. It shouldn't be the biggest thing in the room—you want it to complement the other furniture and colors in the room, not drown them out.

Position the Artwork at Eye Level
Artwork of any kind is best when it's placed at eye level. The colors from the furniture and artwork will flow seamlessly when the artwork is placed at eye level and is visible while sitting or standing. If you are mounting art pieces on the wall, you want them eye level when you are standing up. If you will be displaying other pieces of art, like sculptures or figurines, the level doesn't matter so much. You can try positioning Lladro figurines on one of your side tables if you want people to see it when they sit down, or higher up on the shelf if you want it more readily visible.

The process is not difficult, but it requires patience and time. You should consult with an art seller to help you with the process if you are unsure about what form of art you should be looking for. You don't want to mix the style of art with the style of your home—this will make the art piece (or the rest of your décor) look out of place. With these tips, you'll be on your way to finding complementary art in no time.

Top ideas for wedding planning

An Australian wedding is a serious occasion coupled with traditions and expectations that are of a high caliber; thus exceptional planning and precision is required to ensure success.  For a superb wedding very important details in the planning need to be considered.

The ideas and dreams that one has for the wedding should clearly come out.  Drawing on ideas and styles of your present and past experiences. The themes range from rustic, classic, modern, vintage, garden, Church/ Chapel wedding, Australian wedding (beach!) and others; all dependent on one’s preference or idea of a dream wedding.
There are superb sites in the country that make a wedding special such as:

  • Beach wedding in Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns and Port Douglas beach.
  • Garden wedding in Sydney or Melbourne.
  • Country wedding in the Blue Mountains or Hunter Valley
  • Church and chapel wedding at Sydney Church, Gold coast, Cairns, and Port Douglas chapel.
  • Luxury Yacht wedding around Sydney with exhilarating views.
  • Rain forest wedding for those wishing to enjoy the wild nature setting.

New Trends of marriage in Australia and Tradition
One idea is to choose to adopt the newest trends or you could do the alternative and stick to the tradition. A current trend is to have fabulous floral characterized by yellow color mixed with grey thus creating a romantic atmosphere and mood. There is also more monochromatic bouquets which achieve the desired look with a lush of bouquet of pretty tulips, ranunculus and garden roses. This beautiful gloom come in a variety of gorgeous colors and would be exquisite on the wedding day.

DIY Attire
Means Do-it-yourself trend, where couples select themes that are more advanced skill-wise and require bigger budget or time commitment than it was in the past. As a result there is much of DIY accessories and wears.

Custom wedding details
The most attractive trend in Australia is creation of a unique personalised wedding day through customisation. Most couples are choosing blank plans so that they can truly customize to their preferred style and vision.

The extended wedding reception
It lays emphasis on elongated after party/ entertainment for the invited guests.

Other quirky style trends include

  • Virtual guest,
  • the fun factor,
  • less is more,
  • prints charming,
  • the reception lounge,
  • wedding dresses-with pockets,
  • food truck frenzy,
  • birds of a feather as well as
  • Economy& technology drive choices.

Seriously look them up!!

Even with the above trends, tradition happens to be the all-time classic for some couples and the definition of a dream wedding. For instance tradition dictates embossed invitation cards, heavy card or high quality paper with the color being off or pure white, wrapped and mailed to the expected guests; this and other aspects of the wedding are to be aligned with the theme chosen from the initial planning stage.
Honeymoon Destinations
Australia offers rich variety in terms of options available for the all-important after wedding destination. Some of the top choices include:

  • Byron Bay endowed with pristine beaches and wonderful scenery makes it an ideal location
  • Barossa valley which is full of wineries and fine food coupled with a great atmosphere making it excellent for relaxed travelling around the area as you enjoy the peaceful serenity, fine dining and beautiful views.
  • Cradle Mountain for those who enjoy the wild nature.
  • In this category there is also Kakadu National park, Kimberley which has a set of outdoor adventure complete with plenty of relaxation and breathtaking scenery.
  • Melbourne, fit for an ultimate city honeymoon

Others include sunshine coast, Daylesford, Thredbo, and the Whitsundays; all of these offering a variety to choose from thus guaranteeing a great honeymoon experience.

Make your big day a most memorable with your loved ones around and make it a remembrance for everyone who visited. Why not attempt it yourself? Check your flight details soon to make your journey by utilising the facility provided by us to know the budget airlines that fly en route the location you wish to travel.

Great Article on Lighting Trends 2014

The way we light our homes and places of business is much more important than you might think. Good lighting can have a positive effect on your mood as well as benefiting your emotional and mental health, and some carefully placed decorative lights can really add to the overall aesthetic of your house. Since the advent of electricity and indoor lighting, we’ve seen various different designs come and go, which in turn leads to alternating lighting trends that change from year to year.

With 2013 almost over, it’s time for us to look towards the New Year and see what’s going to be popular in the world of lighting. By the looks of things, 2014 lighting trends will be focusing strongly on aesthetic; your lighting fixtures should be in place not just to illuminate the room, but to serve as a focal point of attention as well. Your lights should get attract attention and get people talking.

In this article, Litecraft, a leading lighting designer and manufacturers in the UK takes a look at some of the key lighting trends for 2014.

Wall Sculpted Illuminators

Wall sculpted illuminators make for a striking feature in any room as well as a way to keep it lit. As the name suggests, this is a combination of sculpture and illumination that is both visually arresting as well as practical.  As stated previously, 2014 is all about the aesthetic and a wall sculpted illuminator is the perfect example of this.  Take the image used here; a simple stem design where the lights emerge from the top like the bud of a flower. They look elegant, enchanting, and fit well into any décor.


LED Lighting

LED has been growing in popularity over the years and shows no signs of stopping in 2014. In fact, rising demands for LED lighting in the market suggests that they will be amongst the most popular lighting choices next year; they are cheaper, more environmentally friendly and look good to boot. They’re easy to get a hold of as well, with companies like Litecraft providing a range of LED bulbs for your perusal.  LED strip lighting, for example, can help to create a whimsical atmosphere.


Circular Lights

Another trend expected for 2014 is the prevalence of circular designs, which spells out good things for lovers of pomp and grandeur. The chandelier is a long-standing staple in the lighting world but 2014 may be the best year for it yet. Chandeliers tend to be circular in their design as a rule so you don’t have to worry too much about getting that right, but the trend will probably be for globe shapes this year, with a particular focus on white-gold designs.


In a nutshell, 2014 is about keeping the room well-lit whilst looking good, and there are plenty of choices available to you to ensure that this is the case in your own home. The trends discussed here promise to be amongst the most prevalent, and if you’re looking to renew the look of your home for the new year then changing up the lighting scheme is a fine place to start.

Ideas for office art for unusual office spaces

Art in many forms, be it paintings, photographs, sculptures or ceramics has long been used to enhance workspaces. There is no doubt that art plays a large part in making the workplace a more pleasant place to be both for workers and customers. Owing to the advent of the internet and to companies heeding the call for more flexible working hours, the work environment for many people is undergoing a change. Those who are now able, should they choose, to move away from a traditional office environment, can now create an office space in a more unconventional location.

For many people, this may mean working from home, which has many advantages but is not without its challenges when trying to free up some space to create a home office. An increasingly popular solution to this problem is to build a dedicated space in the garden in the form of an office or studio such as these. This creates an office space made for purpose which does not impact on the inside of the house but still has all the benefits of working from home. There are many ways to use art to enhance this type of space, and you might wish to draw inspiration from the surrounding garden and outside setting.

Some ideas are:

  1. Prints or canvases which reflect nature in some way, such as images of flowers, trees, and leaves.
  2. Vinyl wall stickers in woodland themes.
  3. Using art in the garden in the form of sculpture.
  4. Garden art which also has a practical value of attracting wildlife, such as decorative bird feeders or bird baths.

Creating a home office space for some may mean using a spare room, and using art which reflects your work in some way can help to differentiate this space from the rest of your home and help you to get into a “work” frame of mind. Word art is now very popular, it could either reflect what you do or make, or be in the form of an inspirational quote for when you need some encouragement!

If you have customers or clients who will visit your office space, you will want to give them a positive impression and the type of art you use can help to foster this. You may want to use art to reflect what you do in the form of themed prints, or have some custom photographs taken of something you make or do, for example if you have a craft-based business a close-up picture or detail of one of your products could look fantastic enlarged and made into a canvas.

It may be that your office space is very small, perhaps just a corner of a room or a spot under the stairs or on the landing. It is still possible to make this kind of space feel like “yours” and to enhance it with art on a smaller scale. You can use wall stickers in the tiniest of spaces which reflect your chosen theme, or a ceramic piece placed on a shelf or on your desk will bring joy and make your work environment more attractive. It could even have a practical use, such as a beautiful clock, or handcrafted desk organiser.

Wherever your office space is, no matter how small or unusual, it is possible to find a form of art which fits your space and will not only enhance it but give you pleasure, bringing extra joy to your working day.

How to Choose a Glass Balustrade for Your Home

Have you ever been into a home and just felt how wonderfully light, bright and airy it feels?  It is an absolute feature of Australian homes, and one of the ways this is achieved is through the increasing use of glass.

Glass balustrades can be found in and around more and more homes these days, and for good reason. They are taking the world by storm because of their undeniable visual appeal, stylistic versatility, as well as practicality in terms of installation, maintenance and superior safety features they can bring to the decorating space.

There is some prejudice concerning the use of glass in this way, as it is mostly thought of as a symbol of modern design and not particularly suitable for, say, a wooden cottage in the mountains.
Although the first thing that comes to our mind when someone mentions glass as a building material are modern skyscrapers made of steel and concrete and safety concerns (you don't have to worry about safety), glass can be used to great effect almost anywhere in a variety of ways. Here are some tips on how to choose a glass balustrade for your home.


Stylistic Beauty

Because of its transparency, glass is generally thought of as stylistically neutral. This means you can combine it with almost any other material regardless of the style, as it will just blend in.   If the surrounding has character, a well chosen glass balustrade will only amplify the existing effect. If not, glassy shine will give the place some personality.

A glass balustrade is an array of glass panels bolted together with a railing on top, and it is the railing and the joints that will determine the stylistic effect. 

Although it is true that you can combine glass with almost anything, it is obvious that it would not be a good idea to place a modern-looking round, metallic gray railing in a room with plenty of elaborate, gold-colored ornaments and with period furniture in baroque style. The glass itself would not be an issue, though, so it is possible to place a glass balustrade almost anywhere if you pick a suitable railing.


Visual Benefits

A glass balustrade will give any surrounding a glossy shine and allow the light to freely disperse throughout your home. There will be no more dark corners and the room will appear to be much more spacious, which will simply make it more enjoyable to be in.

Glass balustrades are a great tool for bringing a breath of elegance and a whiff of splendor to your home in addition to unmatched practicality, which makes them superior to their traditional counterparts made of wood or metal. There are plenty of options available and it is almost impossible to go wrong with glass, so just relax and let your imagination run wild.


Pictures provided by Aqua Vista Glass from Brisbane

Fake it with hessian and rustic texture prints

If you are a regular follower of our blog you will have seen many of the rustic hessian artworks that we have promoted.   These custom hessian artworks are hand made, they are stretched, then a stencil is created, they are then hand painted and the vinyl stencil removed from the surface.

A lot of work!   But more importantly, because of the nature of the raw burlap or hessian, it is difficult to stencil intricate or handscripted fonts or anything with thin lines.

If you do, then it runs the risk of paint bleed under the stencil.

So recently we have discussed this range of awesome canvas prints where an image of raw hessian, or raw canvas weave is inserted behind the writing.    The print is then done on canvas, and the combination of the canvas texture and the print means that you are basically faking the look.

Texture print

The example above is a heavy texture image printed on canvas so it gives the look and feel of a more rustic, vintage feel than a print on straight canvas would.

Texture 2

The example above is more defined with a very loose weave burlap image printed onto standard canvas.  It look like burlap and when you touch the canvas it has the texture of the canvas surface.

This is an excellent way of achieving a vintage rustic look, AND having the advantage of a detailed full colour print on the pattern.

A quick pros and cons list of each method is shown here...

PROs and CONs of real raw hessian with a hand stencilled print:

  • PRO:   Authentic hessian look with a very rustic texture
  • PRO:  Natural look and feel to the surface
  • CON: Single colour for each stencil.  Tricky to do multi colour and hence costs go up
  • CON: Detailed, thin lines are very difficult to stencil and you sometimes don't get a clean edge

PROs and CONs of FAUX look with image of the fabric printed on canvas:

  • PRO: Can be multi coloured print
  • PRO:  Design can be very detailed and intricate
  • PRO:  Select from a variety of "rustic" images to go in the background
  • PRO:  More cost effective than hand stencilling as there is less labour
  • CON: It is a print, so you don't have a very deep weave, you have quite a shallow weave on the printable canvas.

Talk to the guys at Cool Art Design about making you a faux vintage print!  You won't be disappointed.


How to Decorate While Renovating

Sometimes it’s nice to kill two birds with one stone- especially when working on time consuming tasks such as renovating PLUS decorating!

If you’ve ever renovated your house, you may understand how drastically different it can make a house look. Depending on what you do, you can transform a house into a home, or even make it look completely different than what it once was. Whether it is a fixer upper or a small kitchen renovation, every little thing helps. If you do it right, you won’t need to worry about decorating for several years, or you can just decide to change little elements.

Here are some tips to decorate while renovating:

Look at the big picture

Look at your room as a blank canvas. Take out everything in your mind that you don’t like and replace it with your dream room. Figure out what works and what doesn’t with your budget, then adjust accordingly. If you don’t like the current light fixtures, or the cabinets, replace them with something that works better. The best appliances are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

People generally focus on one small aspect and become fixated on it, however, if you focus more on how the whole place will look for years to come, you will end up with a better result.

Look into permanent fixtures

Sometimes, no matter what artwork or designs you have in a room, it’s the permanent fixtures that stand out.  Or more importantly, that stand the test of time.

It can be your kitchen, your bathroom or even a bedroom, but regardless of where you are, you can make or break a room by the permanent fixtures you install. If you settle for bare minimum, you will likely have to put the emphasis onto something like artwork or decorations, but if you get creative, you can find permanent pieces that both fulfill their purpose and bring out the character of a room.   Then the decorative elements you add are purely for fun and you can change them in and out easily because you have a solid base.

Find a good color

Your paint choices can and likely will make a drastic impression on anyone that steps into a room. If you are renovating a room anyway, you might as well put in a few hours and give it a fresh coat of paint. Not only is it fairly cost-effective for what it does, but it can make the entire room look different in a matter of hours. And the best part, if you ever get tired of a color, you can just change it with a  new coat of paint.

Find accessories that match

It doesn’t matter how good the rest of your room looks, if you don’t have the right accessories to match, your room will look incomplete. Everything needs to somehow tie together, and the best way to do that is through simple but elegant decorations, such as paintings, statues and even functional items like pots and pans. It doesn’t need to be a difficult process, but it also shouldn’t be thrown together. Think about what you will want in your kitchen for a while, then build off of that.

If done properly, your renovation can change everything about your house. Make it worthwhile, so you don’t have to think about it for another 20 years and you will be a happier person. It might also raise the value of your house.


Anthony Sens is the marketing assistant for Brahman Systems, a Louisiana based construction company with a patented all-steel enclosed hose protectors.

What is the sequence for stretching a wall canvas artwork?

There is only ONE way to stretch a canvas artwork!

After stretching literally thousands of canvas artworks, and training lots of assistants to stretch canvas artworks, I can categorically tell you that there is only one sequence of events that you can follow to be successful.

I have watched newbies try and stretch one side first, then stretch the opposite sides and then finish with the ends.  The worst I ever saw was my first ever assistant, and they were stretching an oil painting for me.  First they pinned in one side and then overstretched the middle, and finally  loosely folded in the corners and the finished product had a patchwork of sags dispersed between areas of extreme tautness!

If you search online or ask any framer, they will tell you the only sequence is to use the cross method from inside to outside.  There are lots of different techniques within the process of framing for tensioning which depend on the size canvas, what paint or print there is on the canvas and how it will be hung.

We are not going to cover all of that detail in this article.  However even with different methods for pulling the canvas tight and for aligning or finishing the canvas, the below sequence of events is the ONLY one that works and can be applied to all types of canvas paintings and prints.

Once you have aligned the artwork to the frame you need to temporarily pin in place.  For larger or heavier paintings you can use tacks.  We use a non stretch fibreglass tape to temporarily fit the canvas to the frame.   When you are ready to stretch, this is the sequence you must follow to have a easy and efficient framing experience.


Take a look at the above diagram, starting at in the middle one on long side (or any side if the frame is square) secure the middle of the side with a staple.  Then go opposite the first staple and do your second staple (marked with a 2).  Turn and staple one of the short ends, and then staple the opposite middle.  There should now be 4 foundation staples in the frame.

The next stage builds on your initial 4 staples.  Starting back at number 1- place a staple either side of it  (5 and 6) and then do the same with the opposite side.   Place one either side of point 3 and  opposite at point 4.

Continue to build outwards changing sides, securing the canvas until you reach the corners.


Even tension!   You need to focus on achieving even tension throughout the canvas.  Don't go all hulk like and pull a tight bit and then get distracted and do a soft pull.

Gain even tension by using a canvas clamp and evenly distributing the SAME tension on each staple.

Clamp and stretch

Practise your corners on a spare frame!  We have watched with horror as staff have worked all the way through to a corner and then ripped it on the corner as they pull around the sharp edge- or not quite so horrific- leaving a big sag on the corner (which can thankfully normally be fixed).

Mastering corners is an artform that we are happy to address in a different article- but our suggestion is to practise it first before you do it on your newly purchased artwork!

Hope this article gets you on your way with framing!


To find out more about the author from Cool Art Design visit their Google+ page.


How to Decorate the Office this Festive Season

This holiday season get ready to celebrate in style in your office. Let go of the normally bland ordinary workdays and turn them into something that is more creative and fun for workers and customers alike. Depending on the type of company you work for, there may be varying degrees of decorating available. Figure out what will work best for your office situation, and make sure to use these decorating ideas in the best way possible.

The group areas

Get your employees and customers excited from the moment they enter your office. Here is a place where you can go all out, or rein it back a bit. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorations and the time it takes to set it all up, you will find that the holiday spirit will be obtained even through small acts. Some of the most basic holiday decorations for the entrance of your office can include:

•    A wreath placed on the door. This is basic, inexpensive, and shows everybody who is entering that you are in the holiday spirit.
•    At the front desk, place a jar with holiday candies. This can be candy canes, or anything else you wish to display. This will help those entering, and those leaving your office feel the holiday spirit.
•    Set up a Christmas tree. There are a few different ways to incorporate the tree into the office atmosphere. If you are planning on organising an event such as donating items to those in need, have ornaments made, each with an item that needs to be purchased. This will add some Christmas fun to your office, and bring a reminder to employees to give during this holiday season.


From the entrance to the break room, everywhere of the combined space can be filled with holiday treats and decorations. Use these to give a fun feeling around the office, bringing joy to everybody who enters.

Employee’s workspace

Each employee has their own separate workspace, or a place to set their belongings. Rather than decorating these desks and lockers in a uniform manner, take this chance to decorate each section in a different style.

Workers who do their job away from a desk may not feel like they have a spot they can decorate, but that isn’t the case. Those who have only a locker for their belongings can decorate it just as much as anybody with a desk. Use the same holiday decorations inside or outside on the door of your locker, or whatever personal space you are given at your job. This will help you become more invested in the holidays, and give a needed break from the daily job routine.

Take time and initiative to decorate your office this holiday season. Whether you decorate the lunch room, or just your own cubicle and locker, you will find more joy in this season by incorporating it into your work routine. Know beforehand what items your boss will allow, and bring those into the work setting.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes for www.schoollockers.com, on the various types of lockers for sale, and how they can be used in a business setting. In addition to this, she writes on topics dealing with business, such as boosting employee participation, and creating a friendly work environment.

Brand your office with cool canvas artworks

Thinking about decorating your corporate office, but looking for an easy solution?  Wall art canvases are still one of the most popular items for decorating commercial spaces.  Finding the right picture is the easiest thing these days with stock photo libraries packed with awesome photographs and images.

Then look for a company that can do high quality printing on rich, thick canvases and can stretch them on sturdy frames that look quality.  Note our use of the words "quality".   There is nothing worse than a cheap polyster canvas print on a rubbish, flimsy frame.  On the other hand- there is nothing better and simpler than a high quality print on a luxurious canvas.

For this project below, the company is involved in high end vehicles so the artworks were selected for their image and colour and used to decorate large long walls, smaller meeting rooms and reception areas.

Check out how simple it is to decorate with moveable canvas artworks.

Office wall canvases

Meeting room1

Meeting room2

Reception wall art


Simple pick your images, look for a quality canvas printer and framer and woohoo, you are on your way to creating a splash in your office.   And not to mention super easy to relocate the artworks if you move offices.  Just wrap carefully in bubble wrap or removalists blankets and the artworks can be relocated.

Maintenance of these artworks is easy too.  Can be dusted down, and if you hang them with two wall plugs spaced widely apart you should have no problem with the canvases swinging from side to side.

Would you like more information on how to make canvases work in your space?

Check out this wall art design company for more detail....

Top 5 unique Word Art Gifts for Teachers

Thinking of a gift for your teacher this year?  Or perhaps you are the mother put in charge of organising a gift for the class teacher this year?  Maybe an important teacher is leaving the school, and you need a unique gift for them?

If you answer yes, to any of the above- then we have the most awesome solution for you!   A  teacher canvas artwork with custom word art that is specifically designed for the teacher. A wonderful personal present to say thanks for the year!

Here are some great examples below:

Artwork 1:    For younger school students, this is a cute as present.  Using all words that describe the teacher plus the student names, you can have these words designed into a heart shape, or a circle, or star, or any other shape that might match the teacher.


Artwork 2: A word art canvas, created in school colours that details all the activities and school centric words.  Idea as a gift for a head teacher.


Artwork 3:   An extension of the word art canvas, is for an additional feature of this style of canvas is to have all the names of the students on the canvas as well.  Quite a lot of work to organise, but if you are invested in the idea of a unique teacher gift then this is definitely a fabulous option.


Artwork 4:  Using all words that describe the teacher, these can be designed into a contemporary yet casual shack style canvas.  Names of students, activities they did at school, words about the teacher are the sorts of words than can be included in the canvas.


Artwork 5:  For something more neutral as a gift, you could find a quotation, poem or favourite saying of the teacher and then have this designed into a word artwork.  Colours, fonts and style could be custom designed to suit the teacher.


Start planning your unique word art gift early because designing and producing a custom canvas at teh last minute in December is a difficult task.

Get in early and tick off your checklist of end of year activities!

If you want to talk to someone about options for your custom art call 1300 281 044 or email us at art@coolartcanvas.com.au

Top 10 Designs for Custom Artworks

Creating custom word artworks is an exciting and rewarding activity for us!  Exciting because there are always fresh ideas for creating a unique artwork, either for decorating or for giving someone a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

A custom artwork is one where you can provide a designer with a brief including style, colours, typefaces etc and they then turn that into something unique and special for you.  A one off exclusive artwork just for you?  Priceless!

In June we did a grand array of designs and we have included our absolute Top 10 Designs.  Get ideas from this wide variety of styles and then start planning your own custom artwork.

You can contact us at art@coolartcanvas.com.au if you wish to ask questions about how to personalise an artwork for you, or to check on lead times and prices.  Where possible we have supplied size and pricing details below to give you a general idea of price for a custom artwork.  These prices are in Australian Dollars.

Design 1: Love Love Love this Beatles inspired word art.   Using really hectic layers of words in a variety of tones, we have designed this with  a rustic font and then added in an additional distressed look across the face of the design.  We have carried the design around the side wrap of the artwork.


Personalised canvas

Size of ObliDi cavas above is 90cm x 60cm. ($170)  Can be ordered larger or smaller.

Design 2:  Wedding Poem Artwork.   We mainly love this unique canvas for the beautiful aqua colour.  It looks good on screen, but wow did this piece of art look phenomenal in real life!  (90 x 60cm)

Custom wedding canvas

Design 3:  Crazy cool word art!  A motivational phrase design which is super easy to recolour if you like the layout but want a personalised graphic.

Word art custom artwork

Design 4:  This custom design was a smaller sized canvas (60cm x 40cm ) but packed a punch with its beautiful avocado green colour. This canvas was a house warming gift from one family member to another.
Custom travel canvas

Design 5: Quirky and cute SHACK style family canvas.  (90cm x 60cm)

Custom casual artwork

Design 6:  Classic modern style travel destination canvas.  Even with all the other designs that are on offer, nothing beats a classic place name artwork.   (90cm x 60cm)

Modern destination artwork

Design 7:   A little punch of colour makes this design unique for this family.  All of the lines were selected by the customer and we used their favourite sporting team colours to stamp a touch of colour into the otherwise black and white design.

Colour personalised artwork

Design 8: Using our weatherboard background we were able create an authentic beach style canvas artwork for this Sydney Northen Beaches dweller.   Place names can be swapped around, enlarged, coloured to create a unique effect. (90cm x 60cm)

Beach custom artwork

Design 9:  Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, who could not delight in this very special vintage wedding canvas.  The one of a kind artwork was filled with detail particular to this couple, and the result is (we think) simply beautiful.

Custom wedding artwork

Design 10:  And the big kahuna!  Bold- yes.  Big- yes. Bright- yes.  This custom London travel canvas combined with some family names, birth places and names, ir 180cm high x 100cm wide.  Fantastic feature for decorating a family home.

Custom London travel artwork

So that is it for this month's top 10.   To see other great canvas ideas from our catalogue or to custom order artwork visit our online artwork shop at....


Create an "Around Australia" Travel Artwork

Are you one of those intrepid Australian travellers who has criss crossed from East to West, from Cape York down to Phillip Island?  Maybe you are half way there?  Or perhaps the plan has been set, and you are about to embark on a wonderful Aussie journey.

How do you celebrate your travels?  We have seen wall sized maps with hundreds of pins plotting the path.  Others do scrap books, and photobooks are increasingly popular.

For this article, we will look at great ideas for  creating an artwork that can work as a wonderful reminder of the travels of past or future!

At the bottom of the article we have placed a huge list of all the major cities- as you can see there are a lot!  Begin your plan, by seeing how many place names you have for your artwork.  This will guide you to what is possible.  Add in smaller towns as we have only listed cities.

Perhaps you only want to do an artwork with your top 10 favourite places to travel in Australia.  This could be done as a square canvas with those places written in large block writing that fills the space.

On the other hand if you have a list of a hundred cities and towns then you have less flexibility with how you can present those place names.

A popular decorating idea at the moment is to use the shape of the country, in this case Australia, and then fill the shape with the words.  This is quite an easy design to get made as a custom artwork, as long as you have your list already, a designer can fit the words into the the map shape.  If you like this idea but you don't have a huge amount of places, then you can repeat the places to fill the map- this gives a contemporary look.

Australian word

This is an example of one from America.  So you basically have the outline shape of the country, and then we line the place names end to end within the map.

Map word art

Another idea is to go with a design based on a tram or bus scroll.  Essentially the places are grouped together to look like it is an Australian bus or tram destination scroll.  You are limited to around 40 place names for a regular sized custom canvas.  These artworks have good  impact and look fantastic on a wall.


With any of these ideas, you can normally customise the artwork with colours that suit your decor. So get started, and create your Aussie travel list.  Think about what style of artwork might suit you and then contact Cool Art Canvas to see just how we can customise an artwork for you.


    Blue Mountains
    Broken Hill
    Wagga Wagga


    Brisbane (Capital)
    Gold Coast
    Hervey Bay
    Logan City
    Mount Isa
    Sunshine Coast
    Surfers Paradise
    Charters Towers
    Redcliffe City
    Redland City


    Adelaide (Capital)
    Mount Barker
    Mount Gambier
    Murray Bridge
    Port Adelaide
    Port Augusta
    Port Pirie
    Port Lincoln
    Victor Harbor


    Hobart (Capital)


    Melbourne (Capital)
    Swan Hill


    Perth (Capital)


    Darwin (Capital)

HSC Motivational Presents

Okay, we have to be honest, a teacher at a school spurned our creativity on this one.  As Year 12 students across Australia start the next 5 months of 2013 HSC trials followed by HSC exams, how do you want to start that journey for them? 

If you have thoughts on how to motivate an HSC student, we would love you to share them with us. Do you think pep talks?  Or a bribe?  Or a gift?  is what kids need?

This lovely teacher who motivated us, put together a care pack for their niece.  A few motivational signs, minties, kitkats, coffee, aromatherapy, eye masks, and lots of other wonderul things all placed together in a cute carrier.

Personalised gifts for the HSC may seem very "American" but they mean a lot so think about what might work for your friends or family.

We know many people give gifts once the student has graduated, from simple things like a celebration dinner out, to other more heirloom style presents like watches and laptops etc.

But we think a motivational, care pack is even better.  To any companies making gift hampers, you should invent an HSC motivational gift hamper, because we just searched for it and nothing!


We can offer  a link to some HSC motivational quotes that you could make into a poster or card.

Or we found this motivational HSC list on Bored of Studies.