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HSC Motivational Presents

Okay, we have to be honest, a teacher at a school spurned our creativity on this one.  As Year 12 students across Australia start the next 5 months of 2013 HSC trials followed by HSC exams, how do you want to start that journey for them? 

If you have thoughts on how to motivate an HSC student, we would love you to share them with us. Do you think pep talks?  Or a bribe?  Or a gift?  is what kids need?

This lovely teacher who motivated us, put together a care pack for their niece.  A few motivational signs, minties, kitkats, coffee, aromatherapy, eye masks, and lots of other wonderul things all placed together in a cute carrier.

Personalised gifts for the HSC may seem very "American" but they mean a lot so think about what might work for your friends or family.

We know many people give gifts once the student has graduated, from simple things like a celebration dinner out, to other more heirloom style presents like watches and laptops etc.

But we think a motivational, care pack is even better.  To any companies making gift hampers, you should invent an HSC motivational gift hamper, because we just searched for it and nothing!


We can offer  a link to some HSC motivational quotes that you could make into a poster or card.

Or we found this motivational HSC list on Bored of Studies.




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